Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm having my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

Have you used Plaid's Extreme Glitter? If you haven't you need to run to the store or go on over to our website and ORDER it now! It will take your creations to a whole new LEVEL!

WIN ~ 3 5oz. jars of Extreme Glitter!!

I'll draw a winner on Friday - February 5th so enter now!
UPDATE!!! I'm going to do the drawing on Monday, February 8th as I will be at a WORKSHOP in South Carolina on Friday! More time to tell your friends to come on over and ENTER my very FIRST GIVEAWAY!!

Here's how you enter ~ leave a comment telling me how you've used the Extreme Glitter.

(for my friends that visit and are not sure how to leave a comment - click on the highlighted word "comment" at the end of this post)

If you haven't used it - you can still enter by telling me what you paint/create that you think the Extreme Glitter would give a glitzy boost to!

If you have a blog why not post a picture of what you've done with the Extreme Glitter and let me know when you comment that you've done so ~ so that I can come over and check it out!

You don't have to have a blog to enter - just click on anonymous but make sure to leave your name and email address so that if you win I have a way of contacting you!

Love, Donna


Donna H said...

Hi Donna,
I have used it on paper crafting, card making. I also used it on some silk flowers that I wanted to sparkle some. Then painted a snow scene and added some to the snow for that extra sparkle. I teach the elderly and they love the glitz!
Donna H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

I have used it on oranments by pour it inside and painting on the outside. I have also used it on greeting cards. I love it!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Donna

The glitter paint worked just great on paper Valentines I'm making for the grandkids. I love it - it's great!

runningwaters2006 said...

Hey Donna,
I use glitter all the time. Christmas inside bulbs, on bags, cards, pictures, mix it with snow, use it for snow. It's great.

I've used it on jeans to make pants fancy on the's great stuff...

Theresa Gabriel said...

Hi Donna i have used it on x-mas bulbs and gourds and fragrance diffusers. Its wonderful I also plan to use it on my new grand baby's outfits {twins due in july}

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna,
I have not used Extreme Glitter, but would love to. I would love to try it on gift bags, personal cards, cloth handbags or tote bags. Thank you for this chance.

Pat Andrews

Linda Chilcott said...

Hi Donna,
I have used your puff glitter love it !! On tee shirts can be washed and ever comes off. Can't wait to try your new glitter, I want to use it on my machine embroidery designs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Donna,
I've used glitter on my canvas paintings (the peacock, for one), planners, clay items, and I keep finding new ways to use it!
Love the product,
Judy Williams

Patrizia said...

Hello Donna, I started to use the Extreme Glitter in September, at the UK's Ce, and since then my way of painting is changed, improved! The Extreme Glitter gives a fashion touch to everything I paint, on paper, fabric, wood.... Never more whitout!
A big kiss from Italy
Love, Patrizia, Osci Teacher 2nd level

judi,Matlacha said...

Hi Donna I have used it on ornaments, cards, clothes , everything that needs a little sparkle and love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I've used the glitter on canvas paintings to give them that extra "pop"


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
I used the Extreme Glitter in black on the Autmn Oval from CW. I added it to the leopard sots. Wow! What a difference! I have also used it on ornaments and anything else I think needs some glitz!

Donna Roskamp

Sandy said...

Hi Donna,
I LOVE Extreme Glitter - I try and incorporate it in as many class projects as I can and my students have fallen in LOVE with it! My absolute favs of course are Peridot and Hologram and have used it on canvas, clay, paper mache, wood, fabric...okay on just about every surface imaginable!

sue behnke said...

I haven't tried the extreme glitter but reading the previous comments I think it would be perfect to use in my classes to create more excitment for Onestroke. I have plans to do projects on all differnt types of surfaces and it sounds like it's very versatle. I'm looking forward to seeing Donna in Myrtle Beach this weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna - I've used extreme glitter on HD paintings and I just used it last week for a cute painting I did as a baby shower gift for the baby girl's room. I did her initial (A) and big pretty flowers using the Rose glitter. I use it on clothing too. It's the BOMB!

Michelle James,

Mary Stephenson said...

Hey, Donna, I tried Extreme Glitter at your workshop in Warner Robins, Ga. I have been HOOKED every since. You and Sandy made it so much fun that I went home and immediately went to trying it on almost everything. The ornaments and the clay works I did with my grandkids, of course, were dressed up using it. It's fabulous, just as you are.!Mary Stephenson/ Ga.

Jenny said...

Donna, I've used extreme glitter in my Christmas ornaments and in a Christmas glass block we painted in class with Sandy! I love it! Jenny Lorton

Tammy said...

Hi Donna,
I haven't used the glitter yet I've just started learning to paint and I haven't found it to hard yet would love to use glitter on my projects. Take care. Tammy

pam said...

Hey, Donna!! I have not used this product before, but looks like it would be very fun and versatile. Will add that one to my wishlist for 2010. SO glad that you are sharing product and uses on your blog. Hope to see you in Dallas, TX again sometime soon. - Pam

Paint with Karen said...

I haven't used extreme glitter but would love to, I have used glitter on ornaments, candles, cards, fabric, and some wooden frames that I have painted one stroke on! I love glitz and so do my students!

Gerri Zoppa said...

Hi Donna,
I am painting Treasure Boxes for the children who will be arriving in Florida Hospitals from the Haiti devestation. These are children who are very sick and we would like to put a little smile on their faces!
I have not tried the new Plaid Glitter, but I do believe, the unicorn's and the dragon that I am painting would look great with some glitz on them!

JoyceIsCrafty said...

I have not used Extreme Glitter, but if I had some I would use it to paint jeans.

madebycathy said...

Donna, I have been watching you and enjoying one stroke painting for many years....I cant keep up with all the new stuff you keep creating to email has the word onestroke in it as well. Thanks for all the lessons...


Lisa Rychlik said...

I can't wait to try the Extreme Glitter. I put glitter on scrapbook pages, handmade cards, papier mache boxes, shapes, picture frames, in jewelry, etc, just about everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I used it to add glitter to some canvases I did for my nieces. I painted monograms with polka dots and added glitter as the accent shadow for the letters. They loved them!

Tarma Van Aken

Anonymous said...

I love the glitter paint for Christmas projects!! My grandson helped me paint ornaments this year, and they turned out great!

Cindy Cofer Nitch on facebook

Nancy said...

I used Extreme Glitter this year by coating the inside of an ornament and then using our Enamels painted my design.
Nancy in MD

Carrie said...

Hi Donna :)

I love Extreme Glitter on fabric! The white tiger we painted at retreat was the best!!

Thank you for sharing your love of paint with me!

Carrie from MN

Anonymous said...

I Love the Extreme Glitter Paint,I use it after I paint my flowers and My Humming Birds to give them a little Glitz. The Humming Birds have a little shine and this makes them shine.Thanks for the Extreme Glitter. Libby,

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna

we don't have the Extreme Glitter here in Canada, but would love to try it!


Anonymous said...

Donna, I have't used the Glitter yet but think it would be a perfect touch to add to the Christmas Ornaments that I make each year for the ladies of our church. My husband is a Pastor and I like to give a little something to each lady in the church. I started doing this a few years ago and make each year different. Can't wait to try it. Will have to get it after the 1st of next month. Keep the new products coming! I love it and really appreciate ALL that you do!

painter44 said...

Julie S. said... I have used the Red Extreme Glitter on a Valentine Exchange 2010 gift for my secret partner, it was a Be Mine Heart painted on canvas and also on a Santa Clause on canvas as a Christmas gift for my neighbor. Also I added the Hologram to a sweet teddy bear I painted last night for a newborn baby boy gift. He is so cute!!!! You can see photos of these on my blog: painter44. I would love to win the Peridot, that is my favorite color.

Anonymous said...

I haven't used your glitter yet, however, it looks incredible! I donate painted items for my children's school and I could really add some sparkle with your glitter. You are so creative Donna! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Kim Hirtle

Crystal said...

Donna, I absolutely love the extreme glitter! I started using it at x-mas on Ornaments, gift cards, and gift bags, I have added a sparkle to many of the things I have painted, and used it as a finish over some of my wood pieces. The craziest thing I have done with extreme glitter is used it as nail polish for a little glitter affect!

Denise Giesbers said...

Hi Donna,

I love the extreme glitter. During the holidays I used it on my clay pieces that I put on my ornaments. My favorite was on the holly clay ornament where I used it on the leaves and the berries to make them pop. Can't wait to use it more.

Denise Giesbers, from Oregon

Jacki Greene said...

Hi Donna!
I have not yet used the Extreme Glitter, but plan to very soon! My favorite is painting on fabric....totes, clothing, curtains. My first project with the Extreme Glitter will be making new curtains for my daughter's bedroom! She just loves the smiley face daisies!! =)
Thank you for everything!!

Penne said...

Hi Donna~ I love Extreme Glitter! I use it on glass, jeans, aprons, cards!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE one stroke painting!!
I cannot wait to intergrate this great product into it!!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your incredible talent with us!

Bless you and yours.


Lisa said...

Hi Donna!

I used Extreme Glitter on hand painted Christmas Ornaments that I made for my family and friends as gifts this past Christmas.

It really is the most dense glitter I have worked with. The ornaments were beautiful, and a huge hit with all!

Anonymous said...

I just love the extreme glitter. I bought my first 2 colors at Vegas last year. I've used it on so many projects. I loved using it on our Tiger Eyes last July at the summer retreat. Really jazzes up my candle painting.
Colleen Ellis

Sharon said...

After playing with Extreme Glitter at 2009 Winter CHA, it took me months to find it in the stores. Once I found it, I used it on silk flowers to put in my minibooks. So sparkly.

Orchidlady said...

I love to paint evening purses for my friends. I then embellish them with rhinestones. The extreme glitter will be nice to mix with the paints when I do the shading for additional glitz!!!

Donna Christopherson said...

I haven't tried or seen the glitter but I would use it on everything. I love the bling of glitter on just about anything that I paint.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Donna! I have not tried the extreme glitter, I love your other glitter. I really like it on serving trays, greeting cards and it always seems to get on my face. ;) Which Makes everyone smile! Thank you in advance if I'm the lucky gal, I'll be anxious to try it out!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention how much glitz it adds to may painted bar and pump soaps. Love it. I am now using it also on my clay dragonfly wings!
Colleen Ellis

Tracy Sass said...

Hey Donna,
I do hand painted glassware and would love to try glitter on those! Can you use extreme glitter with enamels? I was in last April's level 1 class(remember my peacock glasses :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
I was painting my Christmas cards and got some Extreme Glitter Silver on my nails. Got the Idea to jazz up my nail tips.. Painted them with the glitter then used a top coat on them.. It stayed on for the entire Holiday about two weeks. I even got complements on them
Denise Walker,Texas

Anonymous said...

THANKS Donna!!!! Love all you do. Thanks for giving us such "glitze, glamour, and your unique style" to our home decor, clothing and everything you touch and teach us. Can't wait to see more!

Bless you,
Hugs & kisses
Nance in NC

Anonymous said...

I will get extreme glitter this weekend. I make ornaments all year. I will use the glitter to make the ornaments stand out and shine. The possibilities are endless!

Sherry Walker
Myrtle Beach, SC

Helen233 said...

I have not used extreme glitter yet, but this stuff looks amazing.

I am already "thinking"
Christmas ornaments, glass vases.

How about painting on a mirror and adding a little bit of the pink extreme glitter, wow the skys the limit.

Donna I love your stuff!!!!

Helen233 said...

I have not used extreme glitter yet, but this stuff looks amazing.

I am already "thinking"
Christmas ornaments, glass vases.

How about painting on a mirror and adding a little bit of the pink extreme glitter, wow the skys the limit.

Donna I love your stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna and Friends; I travel a lot and everyone uses black or red suitcases. coming down the chute they all look alike, esp since everyone has started putting the orange or red tassels. So I painted a mermaid on my bag. I used Extreme Glitter in Holographic on the "tale". Gave a whole new meaning and dimension to it. Use it on paper, over painted areas, for a subtle, classy, sparkle. Enjoy creating!!

Eric said...

I had my children make chalkboards from flat canvases for Christmas presents for their cousins. They put chalkboard paint in the middle and acrylic paint on the outside. Then they painted the outside with extreme glitter. Later they embellished it up with flowers and crystals. They were so sparkly and cute.

Julie Rice

Anonymous said...

i printed out Deck The Halls with Boughs of Holly music and used decoupage to adhere it to a flat canvas and then used the extreme glitter and covered the sheet music and then painted the holly leaves on top of that and gave it to our church organist and our violinist and celoist and our vocalist for christmas with a little stand for them to display it on
miss ya
bobbie strong

Anonymous said...

I have not tried the Extreme Glitter. Would love to try it with my student in my card class. Hope I win! Laura Speelman,

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the Extreme Glitter on my greeting cards....I enjoyed the workshop on Friday....wish I could have stayed longer...
Jeannie DeAngelo

Linda said...

Hi Donna, I have not used the Extreme Glitter before but am looking forward to using it in my senior classes. I am sure my ladies would enjoy it very much.I also will use it for my new granddaughters room for sure.Thank you for all that you do for us.
Linda OSCI L2

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna! It was such a thrill to meet you at the AC Moore workshop yesterday! Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with the rest of us!! I'm not familiar with Extreme Glitter, but I would love to use it on my painted glasses, if possible! P.S. Thanks for the info re: your books. I just ordered 25 of them today!
Lynn B

Glenda said...

Hey, Donna! I love this new product. I used it to paint the cutest flowers on my 2 yo granddaughter's demin dress. Thanks for developing all these new products and techniques for us! You are so talented and sweet to share all you've learned with us.

shawnna said...

Hi Donna
I have not tried the glitter yet but i am looking forward to trying it out.

Kathy said...

Hi Donna,
I love painting ornaments and would use the extreme glitter to add a little glitz to the ornaments. Also, I paint alot of snowmen and can't wait to try the extreme glitter on the snowmen!

Kathy A

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the Extreme Glitter yet. I received a Bottle Cutter at Christmas to cut wine bottles and use them in assorted ways. Once I successfully cut a few I'd like to paint on them and use the Extreme Glitter to enhance my "attempt" at art.

Mary Ellen

terry said...

I do not yet use it but it sounds wonderful. I plan to use it to enhance pictures. I have some Santa printed pix that I have wanted to enhance. I love a touch of sparkle on the snow, leaves, Santa's hat etc.

Anonymous said...

Donna, why can't I find a single how to on using your clay shape cutters. I want to see a video or tutorial or SOMETHING on how to actually use them. I loved the rose shape set but was very disappointed when I got home and there were very little in the way of directions on their use. HELP!

Dewberry Crafts said...

Thanks for you comment - hope you check back to see my answer. Unfortunately in the packing they weren't able to put instructions on how to use and assemble the rose and other things you can make with the shape makers. There are MANY SHD clay teachers and Regional Trainers that are showing people around the world how to create with them and are having great success. I do have a book available right now on my website that is a clay and painting book - shows you how to assemble things after using the shape makers - it is called Home Decor with Clay. Hope that helps. Also on Sculpey's website there are free downloadable projects using the shape makers & you'll find projects from my Design Team on our website showing many clay projects too. Hope this helps. Have a great day!