Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kokomo, Indiana Workshop

Here are photos from the Kokomo Indiana workshop I did last week! We had so much fun!!
Sorry I can't write about the pictures right now I am very sick - got the bug that is going around and haven't been well since I got home from Indiana last Sunday. Becky Osman. was such a gracious and fabulous Workshop host and thank you so much for all you did Becky and to all those that came out to paint and have fun - a huge heartfelt thank you!!
I hope to get back on and write so more about the photos but for now - I have to go and crawl back in my comfy chair and rest.

Becky at our Crafty Wave Class , wearing her sweatshirt jacket to match our class project.......

Everyone loving their runners. We just put on all our beads and they thought it was the most excitement of the too!

Teresa an OSCI who loves sharing all the One Stroke she can

Even better when she can include her Sister In Law
We were all enjoying , can you tell?

Brooke was loving our meeting and she worked all the way through 3 days except for her Special Olympic sport events, she was there working the brush and loving it......

Workng the Leaf Stroke Study was just what many said they really needed.......

Brooke wanted her hand held just a little .....and it worked

Ribbons make leaves! Really!

Let me just show you, you'll love this , and guess what She did!

Those ribbon strokes turned in to tall flipped leaves before everyone knew it....

First time since our Cruise in 2009
and we're sandwiched together planning this years November 2010 Cruise together. You think we look happy? YES WE are!!!!
2 great OSCI's

Lighthouses inside, Snow out side. We liked painting inside....... They looked great.....

Look at the foliage it made the Lighthouses. This lighthouse is from my New Worksheet pack of Lighthouses.....

Okay Floral Study and we are serious about it, can you tell.......

Becky Osman! I love you and thank you and your students for a great event and 3 wonderful days in the COLD but it was well worth it. Beautiful people in a Beautiful area, And I'm coming back promise......

You are such a hard working Teacher, Mother , wife and Friend and I thank you for being part of One Stroke ......

Many members of my family are quite sick - including my grandson Gabe that went to the ER last night with a high fever and unable to keep anything down. Please keep us in your prayers!!
There is power in prayer!!
Have a wonderful week.

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Sandy said...

Hope you are feeling better!! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!! Looking forward to the workshops here in GEORGIA in May!
Have a blessed day my friend.