Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Workshops In Your Area

Workshops are the Best! I love coming to your areas , getting to know OSCI's I haven't met yet and meeting lots of One Strokers who want to learn more and have me HOLD their hands and help them personally get that stroke.

I have a few workshops that I want to make sure are a GO and I need help making sure you share with anyone you know who live in these areas. We have many more to check out on the right side of this blog page, so don't think these are all there are.

I also would like to book more in areas were not covering. So check out the locations and email me if you think one would work in your area. Just call my office and they'll help you

Here are a few I would like to highlight to fill up!!!!

MARCH 10th ST.PETE Florida Near Tampa
** Great Ceramic Shop with the most amazing surfaces, you get to pick your own and the shop is packed full of goodies. Its like a candy store and were all kids...... We paint all day , were doing 2 projects and promise your learn some great strokes. Come join me..... You teachers in the area will love this day also.....

APRIL 9-10th OXFORD Alabama
** We have a great new location to meet you guys and to be in an area we haven't visited before. I really am excited about Oxford and I have just given it a go and I'm coming for sure Stephanie Orth has worked very hard to make this event happen. Lets support her and join in. I would love to have a full house.... thanks

APRIL 17th Orlando Area
** My home town. This is a one day event. I have invitations on where we can have this event, but we need to have the number of attendees before I can tell you location. We want to make sure all who want to be there can come. I love having events by my home , this means I can bring lots to share and you will be treated with extras. It great when I don't have to travel and I love having Florida events for all the One Strokers I have locally. We haven't gotten together for a while and I want to personally invite you to be part of this special day.....

Each of these events I will be painting with you a Canvas landscape, full of florals or ocean scenes , and then we will do a Water Stroke card so you can see some new techniques, and the most valueable of all will be your stroke study each day. These have been so successful across the country you will be amazed at how my more I know now than I did before....... :) come join me for a wonderful event which ever day you choose ....... I will be waiting to meet you and paint the day away with you all. With lots of love Donna

PS check out our NEW Pattern Packets. Sandy , Yvonne, And I have packets you'll love

Sandy has a NEW Topary Collection and I have a Hydranga and Butterfly pattern!!!!!


Elaina said...

Would LOVE to see some workshops in Dallas, Tx!!!

IO - marzia di somma said...

HI, make me know if for May have 3 days off!

Anonymous said...

I'll see you April 9th in Oxford.......... THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU SO MUCH DONNA !!!!!!!! I SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I look forward to meeting you and Stephanie both. Stephanie has been so supportive and a great help to me through emails...... See you soon...... Thank you again sooooo much !!!!! ;-)
Pat Andrews