Saturday, February 27, 2010

Temple that I painted

A member of our church Ralph Palmer took on this project for our Bishop ~ to build this Temple with building blocks to symbolize our faith. Each time we make our commitment to attend the Temple it will help build this temple to it's final look. This is a replica of the Orlando Temple that I was blessed to be able to paint and gold leaf almost all of the ceilings. There is over $15,000 worth of gold leafing inside the Temple. Painting the inside was a three month project and I was painting with oils and other things that were so totally out of my norm. The head artist on the job (had painted 8 Temples around the world) told me I had no business working on becoming a designer decorator of homes but should spend all my time developing my painting career! Within a couple of months after finishing the 3 month job (30 hours a week - for 3 months) I had my first job painting murals in homes and mass producing tin ware in my warehouse. Next, I was found by Plaid and you guys know the rest of the story! I think back quite often about this man that obviously saw more in me than I did - he is a true Master Artist! I know I am not that but what I do know is that I love the joy I receive when someone shares with me how One Stroke has changed their life and thanks me for sharing painting with them! God truly blesses me daily and I'm humbled and thankful for you all!
Love, Donna

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Anonymous said...

Its just beautiful....Love it..