Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Education Summits ~ West Coast & East Coast
ONLY 17 days left until price increase ~ the price goes up April 24th by $75.00
Hope you are able to join us either in California in June or Florida in July!
Make sure to sign up now ~ I don't want you to miss out!!

I also wanted to share some of the projects with you - okay, I know they are frosted and have words over them but it's a sneak peak anyway - the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous on these projects and I know you will LOVE painting them!

We'll be painting on canvas, fabric, RocLon, glass, and more! Email our office at or call 352-394-7344 to sign up!

I wanted to share with you something about our promotions! From time to time we've offered special things just as companies do to motivate people to sign up that might be on the fence or undecided. One of my OSCI's put it perfectly when she told me that she paid full price for her HD Certification and the lady next to her paid $100.00 less ~ she said "I completely understand and accept it - some times when you book a flight you might have paid more for your ticket than the person next to you because they offered a special discount before or after you purchased your ticket so they could fill the flight", just like we did so that the Certification this OSCI attended would be held. We know those that truly support us understand this and accept it and for that we Thank You!
I'm looking forward to my workshop in Alabama the next few days!!


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Faith said...

Hi Donna,
I'm getting the hang of this One Stroke..I have a long way to go..but painted some cabbage roses yesterday that didn't look to bad. I am getting a feel for the brush, and let it do the work. This is a beautiful technique. Thanks for sharing it with me.