Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3 Education Summit Continued ~

I just had to share this story with you! Blanche is the mother of one of the ladies that attended the Education Summit. Blanche is 90+ years old and her daughter Joyce takes care of her now that she has some medical issues. She came up to visit us at lunch and I painted her this little canvas - she was beyond thrilled! Her reaction so touched my heart. She was so cute telling the attendees how beautiful their art was and that she was really impressed. I had actually cleaned off a couch that was in the room because I thought for sure she'd tucker out before the end of the day but she was just as spry as when she came in at noon. It was me that actually needed the couch!lol

It was wonderful having Blanche there and it reminded me of how special mother daughter relationships are! It also made me think about and miss my own mom.
This was a busy busy paint day as we painted a glazed jar with sunflowers, daisies, peaches and more! It is a gorgeous piece and everyone LOVED it - it just took us some time to paint!

More to share from day 4 with you later!!
Have a great weekend. I just finished teaching workshops in New York with my good friend Kim Barone! It was awesome getting to spend some time with her and all those that came out to PAINT! I will update with pictures from that workshop next week.
Love, Donna

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Mindy said...

Donna, it's Mindy! Just wanted to say how nice it is to follow what you're up to...but, to see how kind and loving you are to all you come in contact with! You have a gift and you use it to bless other lives! You're a great example!