Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Third day of the West Coast Summit

Every morning Sandy and I would walk down to McDonalds to get breakfast - the walk was a good way to start each day especially this day as it was a BUSY painting day with one of our biggest projects the magnolia!

There were some gorgeous flowers along the way - different varities of Iris, trumpet flowers, daisies, etc. and the coolest groomed trees. I know, where are the pictures of them all - we were so focused on getting back to set up the room each morning we only managed to take a picture of these ~

Here's a little something to tease you with ~ if you click on the picture above you'll see our arms a bit more clearly and here is a close up of Sandy's Ed Hardy inspired tatoo - MORE to come on this amazing PRODUCT soon!! Make sure to keep an eye on the blog and website for it!

Rebecca and I playing with makeup

Teri brought these gorgeous hydrangeas from her yard! They were gorgeous ~ thanks Teri!

We jumped right in and started painting the Magnolia project - challenging but oh so fun!

Fabric Painting!
Love to paint on fabric and it was fun to see all the ladies wearing those gorgeous creations! Fabric painting is really easy and you can take a plain nothing of a shirt and make it WOW! Colleen is amazing at it - she wore this green shirt with the animals on it during our fashion show a couple of years ago and it's still as beautiful today as it was then.

Me, Colleen and Sandy (I painted Sandys shirt last year before my birthday cruise) Sandy and Colleen are on my Design Team and you'll have to go and check their projects on my website - they are gorgeous! Colleen just joined so she'll have more projects up and running soon!!

More painted pretties!

We painted sweatshirts with a fall scarecrow - quite a few people were a little apprehensive about painting theirs but afterwards they ALL loved them and has so many ideas about painting other things for the holiday season! Some painted on denim, t-shirts, sweatshirts of all colors and they were amazing! We cut them and used this amazing glue that will be available soon on our site to make it a complete NO-SEW project!

More to share later!!
Don't forget - if you missed the West Coast Summit and want to come out and paint you can still sign up for the East Coast Summit!! Time is running out though to sign up so call our office today! We still have a special discount for those just signing up!! 352-394-7344!
Love, Donna


Sharon said...

What a wonderful weekend you had. Hopefully you will have another West Coast event next year so I can attend. It looks like so much fun ... a little intense, but so much fun.

Trena in Naperville said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time Donna! What great pieces of art by everyone.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!