Saturday, July 31, 2010

East Coast Summit Photos ~
So the camera card with all the photos on it from the first day and group shots is missing - sniff sniff - - hope to find it soon so that we can get those photos posted for you all to see! If you took photos and want to share them on the blog please email those pictures to

We had such a great time. We painted magnolias, shirts, sweatshirts, new sunflowers, birds, dogwood, learned some cool new backgrounds and so much more!
We've already begun to plan for next year so make sure to watch this blog and our website to find out more information about it - hope you will plan to join us!

I was excited my long time dear friend Kim Barone got to come and paint with us this year!!! She had a blast and it was great to catch up with each other!!

We painted these beautiful Magnolias with an amazing background. That was one thing I heard over and over again throughout the week was how impressed everyone was with the backgrounds and paintings we did - looked difficult but they were all surprised at how easy they came together after we broke them down into manageable One Stroke steps!

Kim, me and Marzia (from Italy) All of you that painted T-shirts with us send me some photos of your creations to and we'll get them posted on the blog! Thank you Marzia for sharing your techniques with us - they were simply AMAZING!

George and Sherry were all smiles... I bet George will be teaching this right away to all those fun ladies he teaches.

Lori and Rosie at the back table!

Roz showing us her very cute sweatshirt.... looks happy doesn't she, we all are going to be wearing cute fall outfits this year!

Carol ~ such a sweet southern lady ~ she loved everything we did and her paintings were just beautiful! Look at her smile - can't you just feel her excitement!

Jane loved the glitz, she was so relaxed and came back to my house and wanted to do more, more, more.... LOL

Eileen, me and Deb (my village ladies) they are so much fun!! They had so much fun and were ready to run back to the Villages (right here in Fla) to teach and paint with their fabulous One Stroke painting group all the cool things they learned during the Summit!

Michelle from Puerto Rico was so cute and a wonderful painter (this was the first thing she's ever painted at - no classes, no certifications - just came to have fun and paint and again she painted so beautifully!) Elaine B. was so sweet and helped Michelle along the way and was such a cheerleader!! Elaine showing her how to put press n seal in our double loaders to make clean up quicker and easier!

Darlene from RocLon came to paint with us for a day and share her great product for our projects, we made aprons (non sew) this year ~ that were absolutely adorable.
Beacon Fabric Tac was the trick to make it a quick great project..... we have Fabric Tac on our site now so make sure to go and check it out.
One of the greatest things to witness is how incredibly helpful everyone is to those around them at their table and how quickly they all become friends!
Sandy told us about two friends that were at the Summit that she met at her very first Continuing Education (Renee and Charlie) and they became such quick friends at that event and have kept in touch for all these years since!
I do want to share this story with you to because I know there are so many of you out there experiencing the same thing. Renee told me at dinner one night that she was ready to put up her brushes and not teach anymore. She has struggled for almost a year now to get any kind of a response from people wanting to take classes.
She called Sandy and asked her what she thought about coming to the Summit and Sandy encouraged her to come and learn all the cool new things we are doing. Renee took the leap and came to learn as much as she could - and at dinner told me how excited she was because in the first 3 days of being at the event she had 6 calls about classes - this is after months of having NONE!!
She has so much stuff to go back and teach now and plan for future classes and is excited about all the new things Dewberry Crafts is up to and really excited about the FUTURE! Isn't that awesome! Gave us at the table goose bumps we were so excited for her!!
Will share more photos with you soon!

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