Saturday, July 31, 2010

East Coast Summit Photos!

Big Canvas Painting in August~ There were a few ladies at the Summit that are coming to my home studio in a couple of weeks to paint BIG with me! Wanna Come - click on the picture below to find more information about it.

Roz , Karen and Connie and I getting excited about the BIG Canvas Class - looking forward to painting big with these artists and having lots of fun! Click on the photos to find out more about it.

I took these large paintings to the Summit to show the attendees how big they are - pictures don't do them justice and it's hard to tell how big they are until you see them in person or photographed with a person. This first ever class will be in my home studio so we'll have a limited but roomy area for painting which means we will have a cozy group! I think there is still room for 2 more. So come join in. You bring pictures of what you would like to paint on your canvas's or you can copy one of mine ~ your choice!

Love, Donna

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