Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Canvas Painting Event ~ August 12-13 2010

Here are some shots of our BIG Canvas painting event. We had so much fun!!!
The first day we had 9 ladies there (Roz, Lori, Kim, Janet, Connie, Tambrey, Karen, Mo and Joann) and the second day 8 of the same ladies attended and two new ladies (Shelly and Penny).

Here are some snapshots of our first day and pictures of how much they finished the first day! We had such a great time and you'll see by some of the pictures we were all so tired!!! Took a lot out of us to paint BIG!

Not sure when we'll have another! It was a lot of fun but it took a lot out of everyone and I know they all left exhausted!! Have a great weekend.


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