Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michigan Workshop ~ end of first day!

I feel so loved!
What do you guys think? Travelling across the country - painting with all these amazing people so fills my cup - in fact my cup runneth over with excitement and joy! I love painting with you all!

Finished projects were great.... have some better shots coming.... can't see ya'll in the back :(

Donna a new friend from Face Book , what a sweetie but Donna you really need to SMILE girl

Crystal was just into her project !!!!

Our Great Artist friend from Canada, we talked, and were going places!!

I forgot the first and second day we did Shirts..... Marzia's great shirts! OH MY GOSH ! did we have fun! check them out!

Loved these colors and I painted a hydranga up in the corner! Marzia,(our Italian Distributor) I have painted at least 50 of these shirts since July when you shared you famous technique with us at the Education Summit. Thanks girl!! Pretty and talented!

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