Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michigan Workshops
(hosted by Michelle James)
Day 1

We painted an ocean landscape ~ with a great beach, clouds , and with a gorgeous ocean! I first painted this with those that cruised with me last Novemer and everyone LOVED it so much I added it to my workshop projects.

These gals were serious..... but they said they learned A LOT!

Michelle is a Certifying Elite and I'm so proud of how hard she has worked to make this workshop happen in a very hard economy & in a very hard hit area! Thanks Honey!

Here with Hubby David.
David Saved the day making lots happen for our days at their church where we had the 2 day workshops.... Notice the great mail box post and painted mailbox.... LIVE flowers.... all from this great couple.... you should see every piece of wood furniture and kitchen cabnits David made, mailbox post also.... Michele painted amazing art throughout their home... what a team... David is a photographer.... who is going to sell his work !!!! Right David?!
Thank again both so much!! Also to all those that came out to the workshops! I so loved getting to know you better and loved painting with you!!


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