Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michigan Workshop hosted
by Michelle James

3 Great Friends love each of them and they loved each other!!! Poor Barb ( in the middle) put her Rooster on her hood to help other load the car and as she was driving it flew away..... so sad.....

Loved our time with all the great artist in Michigan! What a great event and it was awesome to meet so many wonderful women who love to share! We all had so much FUN!

We gave our roosters logs and columns to Roost on!

Our friend Gwen came to help Michele and I and sure did LOVE having her help! Boy was she good!!!!

Some great teachers came out with some of their students to join in the fun.... had several say they were having so much fun ~ they wanted to attend the JULY 2011 NEW BEGINNINGS event next summer. So, they've gotten signed up and I look forward to painting with you ladies next summer for 4 straight days!

Okay! There was a cute brand new One Stroker there and her comments were too funny! "Hey, Donna what is Floating Medium. Hey Donna, what is a Caylic anyway?" Loved it! She said she had to make me real, we all laughed and shared alot with each other.

After this Crafty Wave event Michelle found out her mother may not live long enough for her to leave us and get to her moms hospital 6am the next morning..... We were so sad to have to see Michelle and her family to go through this hardship. Her mom did get better and was air lifted to a larger hospital which really made a difference in her recovery.... So sorry for the hard time Michelle. Thank you for all of your hard work to make the workshop in Michigan possible! Keep me posted on your mom!


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