Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oversized Canvas Event ~ January 2011

We had the best fun at the January Oversized Canvas event here in Florida. Our venue was FABULOUS! The lighting and space just incredible for spreading out and painting LARGE!
It was great to see some ladies that attended my oversized canvas class last year back again and some faces that I haven't seen in YEARS!

Janet, Alexis, Donna, Elaine, KarenD, Me, SandyP, Karen, Susan, Cori, Patty, Shelly, and Lori
Sandy McTier(was there with us too - she took the picture)

It was neat to see all the different designs and things that people brought to paint. Some painted elements from my original painting above which was awesome too!!
I have two more BIG canvas events coming up this year - one in Tennessee and the other in California - you can call the office to find out more details about it! 352-394-7344

Sandy M. helping Janet with a flower

Karen D

Me & Elaine (she is having a workshop in February in Venice, FL) if you live close by and want to come paint with us! You can call the office to find out more information!


Donna G.

Me & Patty

Me with Karen and Susan

Lori's project

Karen D

Me & Shelly

Karen D's painting

Patty's painting

Me & Donna Ginger

Me & Alexis with her painting

Sandy & Cori

Me & Patty

Me & Sandy Page

Me & Karen Dwyer

Me & Cori

Alexis' painting



Weren't those impressive? We had so much fun! Ladies it was great spending the weekend with you and painting BIG!! Look forward to seeing all of you again soon!!

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Delyse said...

Beautiful Paintings!
I wish that I could Join you but I live in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Fond Regards,