Friday, February 4, 2011

Marc and I are so excited to build a new future in education with you as our partners. We love sharing God's blessings - particularly the talents he has given us, like being able to paint and create beautiful art we can all enjoy. Not only that, you may want to consider the benefits of putting your art to work by building a business around it and becoming self employed - isn't that what everyone wants! If I've grabbed your attention, you may want to join our education program, enabling you to develop better skills while learning how to paint in ways you never thought possible. This is what Dewberry U is all about.

We have a wonderful group of educators at Dewberry U with the support of an organized company, Dewberry Crafts, and a complete line of products to support your future art work or sales. More than ever we're discovering you need a location for to purchase product that isn't available in retail stores. By being part of Dewberry U, you will be able to purchase wholesale from Dewberry Crafts. This year's launch of Dewberry U launch is a wonderful opportunity to grow in 2011. I think those of you who have been with me for a while will love that we will credit all existing Education achievements you have earned and count all workshops and Learning Summits from this past year towards this new program.

There will be special pricing offers for first time buyers in Dewberry U. Throughout the year, we will create new programs and update all our existing education programs. We will offer Prep courses for those who would like to prepare a little more before jumping into one of our certifications and will add some specialty courses as the year goes on - nails, face painting, fabric painting, designing, glass painting, landscapes, to name just a few.

Join my dream, and grow with me! I love sharing with others the talent I have been blessed with. When you paint or teach, I hope you have that same great feeling.

Keep checking back for all our new programs; this is going to be an exciting year!
Marc & Donna


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Sue Gait said...

Sounds Great Donna.
Congrats to Carol Craig in Thunderbay, Canada in becoming a Certifying Elite Director. Best of luck Carol.
Sue Gait Canda ARTATHOME,ca