Friday, February 4, 2011

WOW! Our phone lines have BLOWN up (we're getting lots of calls that is) and some of my directors are getting lots of emails asking questions about Dewberry U!!
It's all so exciting and I wanted you to know a few things so I thought I'd post again (two times in one day - oh my)!

Here are the basis of Dewberry U and the concept behind it.

The One Stroke Painting Education program has been an extremely successful program educating thousands in the art of One Stroke Painting. For a year now we've been planning and working hard to revamp our education program.
Dewberry U is not an accredited college, you won't get college credits for participating and educating yourself through the programs offered but what you WILL GET is a painting education like no other!
Join the fun, join the community of One Stroke and start or continue your painting journey today!

I'm sure you've noticed the decrease in product availability in retail establishments and the unwillingness to allow classes to be provided. We wanted to set out clear paths for those looking to :
learn how to paint,
teach others to paint,
and a very important part ~
knowing where to get their products at the best prices possible.

Dewberry U is all about education! It's about your painting path and journey! We'll provide opportunities for you to educate yourself through Certifications and additional specialty programs that will enhance your art! Attending my Workshops around the country and my annual Education Summit are other ways to learn the latest tips and tricks that I want to share with everyone.

Dewberry U is also all about YOU! What do you want to do with your painting education? Do you want to teach One Stroke? Do you want to learn how to become a better artist? Do you want to sell your art? Do you want to have a support system that will help you reach those goals and more? Continue to watch our website for more information on Dewberry U! This is a program that has many layers and over the course of the next couple of years we will GROW and provide more opportunities! So make sure to check out the website often! Stay connected with my website, my blog, and through Facebook. I have a twitter account but have to admit I don't tweet often!

I have had the pleasure these last few months of seeing faces I haven't seen in years! People that used to attend almost everything and for one reason or another haven't been around the One Stroke community. The overwhelming comment I hear is that they need something back in their lives and they knew that One Stroke and the One Stroke community is what they were missing and they are glad to be back and to find so many new things happening! I look forward to sharing One Stroke with thousands more throughout the world and hope you'll join me in doing that! does this affect your existing One Stroke title? it doesn't really.
All Certifications you've completed and titles you've achieved still stand and now what you can do is go to the website, print off the education opportunities, put in the dates of the Certifications you've already accomplished and start mapping out your goals for where you want your One Stroke Education to go from here. Keep Watching! More to come!


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