Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leaving for NEW YORK next Thrusday and we have 2 people who had to cancel so we have a couple of spots if you want to join me. Don't miss out even if you can only afford the time and money for the Thursday night Crafty Wave day call Amanda and find out more about it. I would love to meet any of you who can come ..... Bring your books for signing and well get Photos together.....

Arizona Workshop

Last week I was in Arizona and had such a blast painting with everyone. You guys were so great , and we were really close, and that made me so close I could see everything your were doing..... MAMA say's!!!!! You guys Rock!!!

Colleen hosted the workshops - Thank you Colleen and Kit for the wonderful bed to sleep in and the wonderful host you guys always are to me. Kit you're in our prayers and you too Colleen, prayers that you will have the strength to endure through these hard times. Pain is not good.....

Colleens back yard, loved it and full of animals feeding every morning....

more back yard....

Love Colleens and Kits home in the desert, awesome change from Florida
Ya Think!!!!

back yard view

Colleen and Donna early in the morning on the way to the airport on Colleens back porch

Painting that large canvas and loving it... we had 29 of us in one room. We were all making the best of it... We learned alot...

Having fun figuring it out, a few what was I thinking... And our UK friend in the corner... She's got it....

Crafty Wave Class in Hobby Lobby!
We were painting Vintage Hearts.

Thanks to the teachers who came and supported me!!

Mar Jean jumped in while in Arizona doing a Cert. One , came by to give me a hand.... Mar Jean is in a size 4 holy heck girl....

Sharing another Donna Story! have you ever heard a Donna Story, I have a few..... sorry guys...

Smiles and fun meeting new friends.
New ladies excited about Dewberry U and growing their knowledge with my new Plan

Close friends sharing Art Love it!

Back at you Mary Lousie

Okay time to stretch RIGHT!

There I go again, if you stand still for a min. I'll paint you!!!!

New necklace idea I do , its great!

Have you seen the face painting supplies I have on our site yet? Click on the picture to the left and see!

I think I could do that Donna, but don't paint me !!

Now you guys look like your having fun!!!

Peg!!!! your a blessing and a wonderful spirit.....Thanks for who you are!

Landscapes and stroke work!

Look at Shelia's concentration! Love ya lady!

Those are looking great girls, NOW the flowers

WOW! you guys Rocked!
thanks so much for sharing my dream!

Some of MY new friends...

Here are some of Mar Jeans Students in her Level One Cert. in Arizona
We all met for lunch, on the run but I loved it....Met 8 new OSCI's

Mar Jean was so proud of them... can you tell...?

Finishing the stroke study with the Tulips

An Iris for Mary!!

Now we have Flowers!

2nd trip to Arizona you guys are wonderful. We filled a whole Over Size canvas class from just this room..... looks like there will be 3 trips...... SMILES! love you all

Love, Donna

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Mary Hysong said...

So sorry I had to miss out on this one, the timing with my regular job just did not work out, maybe next time.