Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post Just for you!!!!!

For Blog:
Hi all OSCI's and One Stroke Friends,

We are well on our way into the 2nd Quarter of 2011, I'm amazed it is
already EASTER!!!
I wanted to quickly send a message to all of you and let you know that I pray your Easter is
wonderful and full of family events. I hope this finds each of you with
good Health and blessed with time to spend Painting. We are all blessed to have freedom as well as
blessed with this wonderful country and to have the opportunity God has
blessed this country with. Marc and I pray for each of you that follow
One Stroke and your love for sharing it . Hopefully you will find peace in
painting and sharing the love of painting.
I have been traveling all around the country as you can see by the
blog... I can't get my time zones straight, but I can't tell you how
wonderful it has been to get to meet many of you for the first time and
able to get to know you better and share all that's New in
Dewberry U and Dewberry Crafts. So please come see me and join me in
an Event near you.... Donna

WalMart Brushes:

I would like to clear up some questions that many of you have been asking
Dewberry Crafts and myself in my last travels. What are these brushes
that look just like Donna's but don't have her name on them. Okay
everyone I think it's important to know that these brushes are not One
Stroke Painting brushes in any way. They are Craft brushes and are
great for Kids crafts or base coating etc.
Plaid was asked by Walmart to come up with an inexpensive set of
brushes. Unfortunately they were made with my color on the handles.
This I know has confused many of you......
I'm am telling you these brushes do not do One Stroke strokes well. I
have tested them and showed students in class the large difference in
the quality and you will find that these are not the same ferrules, and
the chisel of these brushes are not the same either. These are priced for the quality
they are. So if some of you are feeling like these are going to be a
good replacement for the Donna Dewberry One Stroke brushes , they will
not be.
I have to address the problems many of you are having with my brushes as
of now. I have been working with Plaid to replace all brush problems
you have had, please email me with any questions as many of you are.
Plaid has been very good at working with us to see any of your issues
with the existing DD Brushes.
We think we have fixed all the problems we have had up to date. And we
are working on improving them as I'm writing you. So please don't give
up on me.... I am working hard with Plaid to fix this problem.
We will be selling these inexpensive brushes on our site as a Craft
Brush! I will also be receiving the NEW Made in the USA, Flat Handle
over sized brushes for Oversize Canvas, Wall Painting and for all those
who have been asking for the Large Body and face painting brushes....Due
to be at the Dewberry's by the 2nd week in May.
Very good quality and amazing bristles. Great Spring and black lacquer
handles. I love them, I keep them with me even when I travel there so
great... 1" Flat, 1 1/2 ", 2", 2 1/2 ", 3" They are amazing for
those large leaves and you stroke them in ONE STROKE!!! Sounds great...
email or call the office to pre - order your Flat handled brushes....
Only 100 of each size in the first order... don't be left out.

Thanks for your continued support and faith in One Stroke and Me!!! Love
you all Donna

PS: If you haven't started with Dewberry U , don't be left out... Many
of you are ready to order your Elite Manual and start on your painting

New!!!! be watching !!!

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