Friday, April 8, 2011

Oversize Canvas in Tennessee

Karen , amazed herself and me, GOOD job Karen!

Karen and Connie are the October Mountain retreat Activity Committee, and boy were they busy figuring out great items to paint each evening... Karens melting wine bottles and getting them ready for you guys to paint

Connie, painting her oversized Hydrangeas..... Okay enough with those little flowers..... she was so tired of those little strokes but loved the finished results.

Joy was so surprise that with a few One Stroke classes you can paint this.... her teacher Judy even came along and shared the great time together with Joy.... I loved getting to meet you Joy..... Loved your colors... and most of all your spirit

Judy, thanks for sharing Joy with us what a JOY she was! You have class girl and I loved your Fabric painted clothing each day.

Nancy, less than a year painting and you amazed me and yourself. This was painted by a photo that she took in her garden, accual butterflys and Angel trumpet... WOW!


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