Friday, April 8, 2011

Tennessee Oversize Canvas Class

Wanda was saying , why did I think I could do this, I only paint 2 hours a week and I have painted 8 hours today alone.... What! WAs! I ! Thinking!!! Okay , what do ya'll think? She painted amazing!

Christy is working hard and every once in a while she smiles and says Okay I can do this.... loved working together ya'll

Check out Michelle's canvas, great new back ground! GOOD news ~ Michelle was just asked to be in a very good local Art Gallery! They saw her at an art show.... she was in the paper and they had an opening for her.... We're so proud of Michelle (she's also our new Dewberry Design Team Leader) make sure to watch the website for updates soon!

Pam, I have never painted those great colors for our large tulips and the great Hydrangas Love!!!

Okay this is how you paint those centers girls ~ just a few more hours and you will have painting SUCCESS!
Love, Donna

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