Friday, April 8, 2011

Tennessee Oversize Canvas Class

Our day begins!!! Setting up the canvas on easels was a workout of its own! Connie Williams was our host and shared her home with the 11 of us and we so enjoyed the great lunches, being out in the woods we had to have food..... what a beautiful place... Large basement fit all of us and lots of room....Great fun time with new friends and lots of talent shared!

Michelle James is making a great plan and the canvas is on its way

Look at Karens background, loved the light behind her Iris..... She just kept saying , you really think I can do this flower!!!
Just wait to see how her's turned out

Connie does a great Sandy McTier background with Sandy inspired Hydrangas.... a lot of little strokes!

Gwen says okay these leaves, what vase, I know its coming from a vase , Donna said there is a vase.... Just kidding Gwen, thanks for bring your student Wanda to share with us all. and Your talent shows through and I am now in love with Mops, BIG guys will be to if you don't already use them!
Love, Donna

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