Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More pictures from my trip to Maryland!

New friends are so much fun.... Set these two together and not only did they become friends but Mine also

never took a lesson before only through my tapes and worksheetpacks..


Hellen busy showing everyone that special strokes

Love these two who became friends at the airport one day and now they do all their crafting together... Awesome ladies , glad you shared your talents with me

Mother Daughter and Friend.

Love these ladies, you guys helped my spirit so much during this trip

Loved your smiles and kindness

Okay ready to go have fun on your dinner date girl......

Two willing canvas ready to have me paint with the new Arty Cakes.

I had so much fun WOWing the group

for the fall season of shows.... get your product now.

I have new Arty Cakes which are long containers instead of the small ones with lids... I wanted a container which I could go the length with the 3/4 flat brush

Just met as one of my OSCI's for the first time

Great artist, with a whole paint stem ware company.... yeah...
blueberry hill .....

Helen Tucker, MY HOST what a great job
Helen, from the great free classroom to the great students you shared with me and
great meals and new friendship. I love memories like this. We will be friends forever Helen. God bless you honey and thanks so much love ya

Nancy Smith and her students... THanks for sharing them with me Nancy..... Congrads again on your Elite NOW start working on Cert. Elite... I need you....


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Lucy Aita said...

I received the fabric painting kit today and couldn't wait to try painting. I already painted five tee shirts and two cardigans! My 89 year old mom even got it on and was so happy with the results! Again you have made our day with your fun ideas! Pictures to come (the shirts are drying). lol Love Lucy your friend from New Jersey!