Friday, June 3, 2011

NEW ~ Dewberry U Collection ~ OVERSIZED BRUSHES!

They are great for painting on oversized canvas, murals, face/body painting, etc. I know you're gonna love them and they're sleek black with "DEWBERRY U COLLECTION" embossed on them. Click on the brushes above for more details! Made right here in the USA!

Are you painting this weekend? I know I will be - have a lot of projects/products that have deadlines and I'm way behind. JUST a NOTE THE SIZE 3 BRUSH IS SOLD OUT BUT THE SIZE 2 1/2 inch brush, JUST CAME IN AND ARE READY TO PURCHASE ..... PLEASE MAKE NOTE ON YOUR ORDERS...

ALL SIZES 1inch , 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, 2 1/2 inch all Dewberry U Flat handle brushes, you'll love the chisel and spring in these brushes....

NEW JUST ARRIVED TODAY: 1inch Mop, filming Tues how to use these great brushes with WOils and Acrylic One Stroke Made in the USA $7.90

NEW JUST ARRIVED TODAY: 13 Pcs. Dewberry U PRO Brushes Made in the USA
My most used 13 brushes ~ high quality brushes, we have never had quality like this, all black stained handles .... You'll love them!! limited quantity 45 sets left......after pre-orders $38.00 per set

Email now and place your order :
I need all info to hold your sets.... I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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