Thursday, June 2, 2011


This was my first year attending the Face & Body Painting convention in Orlando.

Here I am with my friend Heather - she's the owner of Silly Farm Face and Body painting.... Thanks Heather for such a great opportunty to meet so many talented artist. You and your family Marcella your aunt and well known as (momma clown) and Claudia you mom. Loved being part of the family...And your an amazing show promoter girl!

Heather, Lori and I

Anna my baby on the right made our Hats for the mad hatter event... Heather always had a smile on

I even painting the chairs for facepainting
looks like a new product, you think"?

Met many wonderful National teachers at the event who were so nice and welcoming

Love those babies lots from other countries

She was just dieing to see what she looked like, looked happy ya think

Karen Marshall surprised me again WOW Karen, I can't believe your following me and you keep getting tears from your old friend here....
Thanks Heather for surprising me with Karen....little angel you are....

We even had Santa Claus attend, he was my next door buddy and took care of us.... lots of candy canes.

Quickie Sign painted on Roclon fabric

Teaching guides, NO ONE knew what those guides were... had to do a lot of teaching...

Amanda stopped by to drop off more product , good sign , she couldn't believe what she was seeing...

Two Sweet Sisters together , we missed Kara she had to work and didn't even get to come in the doors....

Look at those balloons.... WOW

NOW thats a Hat.... for the party HUH

They loved my necklaces..... had fun matching clothes

Heather and her glorious Baby Boy

Now we broke out the fabric paint and made everyone crazy, Okay can't tell you how many summer camps that are doing our fun shirts... Marzia was even there to see the excitement...She shared the tech last year at our convention

On stage and loving their painting.... winners

88 Students in the first class and we were doing Roses.... Only Lori and I a little crazy.... Ya think..... What was I thinking

More of the Rose class..... everyone had roses on arms legs and more...

Our new oversize Flat handle brushes are great for body painting also....

You guys who paint Walls and Oversize Canvas, they are going fast....sold 100's of each..... 3 inch are out of stock waiting for more... the top leaf is new 2 1/2 inch brush...crazy good.

We are very tired Can you TELL

Marzia came from Italy with Enzo for a surprise visit also....

More shots to come... keep watching my friends



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MMichelle :0) said...

Hola was great to spend some time w you at Fabaic. Your classes were great...we all loved it, thank you!!!! Hopefully will get to send u some pictures soon!!!
Besos....Michelle :0)