Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Education Events Taught by Donna

Hi guys!!! Loved having many of you at the New Beginnings in Orlando. Still posting pictures, But I can't wait to get some NEW'S out to you guys!

HELP! DO YOU LIVE IN TEXAS OR NEAR DALLAS: Come join me for an Education Workshop, Crafty Wave event, I have 5 Spaces I need to fill. Please tell anyone you know in this area that I'm coming and I would love to have them join me.

LOCATION: Irving TX , August 11th- 13th contact amanda at 352 394 7344 or sign up on web

Crafty wave night $45.00 is a Large yellow poppy Canvas painting
this class gets you ready for the full day oversize canvas day Friday and Saturday stroke study and landscape class each $125 per day
each day if full of strokes and learning..... Excited to meet you all contact us now we need to fill our spaces for this event to be successful


Workshop with Donna We are only half full , please come join us, so many are excited about having this, over size painting and more! But it will not be possible without us getting 10 more, so ask you friends and come join us....

NEW NEW wOil Certification NEW NEW Be one of the First !

I'm so excited we just rolled out our New wOil Product and we even have a great way to start with a bang. Its exciting and It is designed for us One Strokers . Big wave of Oil painting in the industry and as usually we want to be on top. We will really need as many of you as Poss to be able to go teach in the retail stores who will be carrying this product.

So I have TWO First for you : 1st October 17-18 In Tennessee before the Mountain Retreat same area, the two days before the Retreat
2nd November 10-11 In Clermont Fl with Donna
8:30 to 6:30 each day

2 Long days You will be launching our new product line and excitement of the future Oils with
water clean up and mix well with acrylic Folk Art paint..... NO smell and easy clean up its GREAT!!!!


Falls Creek Falls is the Dewberry Family tradition for many years. Thanksgiving when Maria was alive was always a family event and Its Marc's B Day this year instead of MINE..... sounds fun huh!!

I have decided to add lots of new WOIL and Lots of new we learned in the Summit but if you came to the summit you will be thrilled with new projects and more knowledge. You will walk away with; I can't believe I did that! We will have more Dewberry U to Launch and lots of fun new product to get you hands into....

Last part of 2011

Oversize Canvas painting Courses; Clermont Fl November 3-4

WOIL Certification ;
Clermont Fl : November 10-11
Monaray TN: Oct 17-18
Christmas with Donna: Check out web site in the first week of December
Christmas traditions with Donna and tour of my Christmas Home ....... come join us... this class fills up quickly. Had a long wait list last year....

For more detail check out our web site under education

DID I fill you head spinning !!!! I hope so!!!! love ya all Donna

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