Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More snapshots from our
Painting Summit 2011 ~

Elaine & I
She had a new grandbaby born while she was at the Summit! Congratulations Elaine on the arrival of your new grandson!

Marc & JoAnn - what a height difference! lol

We painted jeans & shirts with Plaids Fabric Paint that is amazing! It leaves your garments soft to the touch!

Sandy helping JoAnn with the shape of her flamingo
We painted a blue and white pitcher (willow style) and roses - this was a big project to do but I think everyone will go home and paint more! They were beautiful!


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Lisa Meade said...

I am really enjoying your blog pics. I have been checking in many times a day. I SO wish I could have been there. I hope to be able to attend a workshop soon. I am a HUGE fan. Lisa