Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabulous Fall Fun
I just love this time of year and decorating for FALL! We have some fabulous Fall kits available through Crafty Wave - click on the pictures to shop now! It's FREE to sign up!
PLUS the BRAND NEW FALL BANNERS KIT I painted! (below)
These banner kits
went out to all those signed up on AUTOSHIP so if you are on autoship look for it to arrive this week!! If you aren't sign up today so that you can be one of the first to get the newest Donna Dewberry, Crafty Wave, Recipe Card Sets, coming out!
Email me if you have any questions ~

These banners are perfect for those craft fairs/bazaars that are coming up! OR If you've been invited to someones house for Thanksgiving - take one as a gift! These designs also look great on wooden trays, paper mache, glassware, and so much more!!
After you purchase the first kit - you can get 3 extra RocLon banners, dowel rods and end caps at a fabulous price! Click on the banners to SHOP NOW!

GLITTER ~ OH HOW I LOVE MY GLITTER! know I like to glitz and glitter things up and we have the perfect glitter for you to do that! This glitter is ultra fine and comes in a large bottle with a poofer on the end. It is perfect for ornaments, face painting, paper & fabric crafts, plus so much more! We have the Glitter Art Tattoos in stock too! Click on the glitter below to shop now!

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