Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long Island NY

I loved my time in New York , don't know if Long Island is really NY, Just kidding. Its so much different than what I think of as NY. Check out some of the shots we took as we were having so much fun!!!!

Here is Nicole with her students and we were having so much fun sharing.
CHECK out he yellow watercan in the WOil painting it is part of our new Cert...... sign up now and learn a new skill with One Stroke

Kim and I are painting hard and we were so tired... but it was worth it.

Carol was the winner for the interactive magazine contest! Carol chose painting with me for 2 days in Long Lsland as her prize... she is an awesome artist and person.

first steps of our wOil project and we loved it

facepainting is so much fun and you can get with me and find out how much money can be made in this new business.... teachers have shared with me as making an extra $700 in one show a week ago doing Glimmer Glitter tatoos... email for more info...

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