Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here are some more of my cake painting

These cakes and cookies are just a few I wanted to share after doing the Shower cake I realized I never showed you the cakes I've done before. And some of the cupcakes turned over and then put fondant over them and then painted. I just want you to know I couldn't do all these with out my dear Friend Lori P. Smyth....The gingerbread house I have used the peppermint candies for the pots of the topiarys and painted the roof and lower I show you the side view, I have gingerbread man and women on the cake with candy canes tied with a gold ribbon around the cake for fun... Love the church , ornaments and holly for the holidays. Frog cookies was fun and you can paint all kinds of sports and more on these large oversize cookies... easy and fun... just pipe over the fondant circle you've painted. All these are painted with the food paint at Here is one of the wedding cakes I will be adding more


Pias Paradis! said...

Beautiful Donna! I´ve been looking for pictures of painted cakes for a while. I remember that you mentioned it some time.
maybe you have seen my cakes on facebook?
My best to you and your family and thanks for those lovely cakes!
/Pia Lejonquist, Sweden

Vicki Galloway said...

Beautiful work!

Kristina Uvodić said...

Amazing cakes!

Candy said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

monica said...

lovely Donna...I had no idea cakes could be painted!