Saturday, September 24, 2011

wOil Certifications for 2011

I'm so excited to be certifing our first wOil Certifications , the October wOil Cert. is full the November wOil Cert. will be taught by me in Clermont Florida. I would love to share the wOil with you all and its so exciting to do it the One Stroke way. I am excited to have New Oil teachers who could go to retail Teaching... Don't be left out... For all those who have painted wOils with me at summit , the cert will be all new paintings. YOU will love what we learn together. Click on the painting to find out about Dewberry U Certifications!




Mary Hysong said...

How do we find out about certs and where they are?

Dewberry Crafts said...

Mary you would go to the right bar here for some events and the rest would be under education on my site thanks Donna said...

Is there a pattern for the cat shirt that the lady is wearing in the picture?