Thursday, February 16, 2012

I had so much fun on Valentines Painting at the One Stroke Club in the Villages

Just a few of our photos, got to go to bed now... so more later. Love my friend at the One Stroke club in the Villages Fl over 350 members and 50 joined last month.

love seeing them happy!

over 10 new painters I have show some of them in these photos and loved this 3 hour class... this is part of my workshop classes I teaching around the country. Sign up and have lots of fun...

Deb Rich and Eileen worked hard to organize my visit and I loved their matching shirts to inspire the students. They work hard to keep One Stroke going strong in the Club

The both teach a lot, Eileen has a great studio in her home. And Deb teaches for one place in Adult educations centers.

Just a few smiles I told them it would be the best Valentine gift ever!!!

Oh yeah lots of new shopping

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