Monday, February 20, 2012

Vince and Sarasota Visit Yeah Florida!!!

Zaney's One Stroke Painting Studio in Vince , Florida Rocks.... Loved how many wonderful painters that painted with Elaine and I ....thanks so much Elaine for inviting me an dyoru students.

Love Elaine's studio, young children who cry because they wanted to come in and paint so much and we were so full...

Newbie LOVING ALL SHE IS LEARNING... Love that feeling seeing her smiling and excited

a group who came from a couple other teachers love the group travel to paint with me.... thanks girls

Elaine jumped in and helped everyone who wanted just a little of her touch... loved seeing Elaine sell out of classes over and over in from on me

Chris is a teacher who teaches in America and in the UK. Her OSCI friend , both Elites are dong a good job sharing in their community. Eileen invited Chris to assist with her and now they are paint with lot of fun

Oh no really , Donna thinks I can do that!!! what!!!

But they did believe it when we were done...

her she goes again

loving all those diff. flowers .... what fun!!

love the fun and laughter and much more... thanks so much guys for a wonderful event

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