Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great Workshop in AZ with Collens Group

Love having fun ladies enjoying painting and friendships

Colleen is amazing she worked so hard
to get a great group of students and new painters to come and share One Stroke with us. Loved it And my pretty shirt was painted by Colleen

Gina your so amazing look at your painting okay girls thanks for sharing all your talents with me

Wow! a room full of paintings but a few of you got away before photos... but it was fun anyway...

Certified Instructor found me again... Julie M. Taught her some time ago and we are reconnecting again. loved meeting you honey.

Sheila your shirt is sooooooooo cute
love the fence and garden all the way around

more shots of the class

Colleen and the girls with their painted shirts to match

We are all having a great class thanks for coming

Look at those shirts... got more photos coming.... going to San Luis Obispo next in Calif..... can't wait

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