Monday, April 2, 2012

MORE Photos: JoAnn Hoffman invites Donna to Paso Robles

JoAnn you are so amazing you and your hubby Donnie were so sweet to me thanks very much

Melissa , You and JoAnn are so cute bring the Easter Bunny to surprise me Love you guys! Melissa boy did you deck my room out.... I felt so pampered dear friend!

Look how pretty my beautiful
teacher lets me paint her face...
look at that necklace you can do this so easy with my new facepainting
Large kit!!!

My New painting friend! we had so much fun together.....

I'm so sorry, sweet friend that you were not feeling well enough to come on Saturday... I so missed you. I will always keep your letter close to my heart! God Bless you will be in my prayers

I love having friends come to class together. The sweetie in the back next to me just found out she won best of show for her art at a Art group..... she was so happy....

Look at how cute Pam was working on her work... she has been out with illness and coming back strong...loves April N. her beginning teacher

JoAnn's Newbies came and joined up Thurs. night for the Hydrangeas.... How good they did.... they can't wait for Jo Ann to teach them more

Look how pretty these flowers

Family and Friends all showed up and had so much fun getting to know them all better.... some were from last year, others are brand NEW!

These Flowers are all with Acrylic.... Folk Art can give you the best look....

Getting are background on
and full of smiles....

More shots to come....
from Arizona and Calif.

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