Monday, March 18, 2013

Plaid paint company hosted a wonderful event for our One Strokers

Thurs evening meet and greet with the great Plaid group, loved being hosted by Plaid they made every day special for all who attended... Gifts that were so awesome they were hard to carry out to the cars...:)

Very funny that some of the great FB friends came to meet each other.  There was lots of personality!

Body painting and more with lots of glitter....

Love that we all made new friends and some were like sisters by the time we left to go home :)

These were our sisters at the event.... the lady on the left is certified and she is bringing her sis to be certified next week, private lessons at my house...

Plaid gave us a large basket per day for a great door prize.... wow!!!  And big gift bags along with more door prizes

Plaid ladies joined up for fun painting!  Chris Williams from Plaid education is the closest to the camera,  she rocked this event for us....thanks Chris

More body painting... Face was fun.... large butterfly 

 Mrs Chris Williams, she is a rock star - look what she did with our design..... show off!!!  :)

Tambrey was my Auditor and she even had some time to paint this day....

Our visitor from Israel, she came for her 50th birthday to US and one of her 50 locations to visit was Plaid and my workshop.... I haven't seen her for about 8 years and she teaches more in Israel than any other teacher in the whole country.  She is on her way with the new Skill Builders - yea!!!!

Plaid gift bags... wow new paint and more....

Loved having Tambrey audit with me.

New One Stroke friends from GA who are on their way to being certified.

Till next time..... love you guys....

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