Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Newsletter 2013 - NEW NEWS from Donna

Hi One Stroke friends.  I'm so excited to begin a new year of One Stroke and our new wOil painting.  We are sharing with more people around the world than ever before.

More people on FB, more views on You Tube, more students taught. I taught more than 750 in October last year - most of them in Taiwan.  We have wonderful directors and distributors sharing One Stroke and wOils, including in the UK where Mark T. is teaching many new certifying teachers from many other countries.  Also Barb F. and new leaders, Carol C. and Vickie G. in Canada.  We have Marzia in Italy, in Greece we have Asmina.  Two new exciting upcoming countries are Australia and South Africa along with Taiwan and many wonderful instructors sharing and certifying in the US.

We have some great leaders: Masters: MarJean K in Washington state, Sandy M. in Georgia, April N. in California, Mark T. in UK, and Marzia D. in Italy. Thanks for your hard work over the past few years to get to this level and I feel honored to have you each as friends and pray for the blessings of many more years of sharing your talents with us.

Our directors, including certifying elites who are all working towards if not now directors:  Marjean K, Pat B., April N., Kim B., Lea B., Colleen E., Deb R., Nicole D., Danelle O., Barb F., Carol C., Michelle J., Mark T., Asmina, Marzia D., Cookie T.,Vickie G., JoAnn H.  We have a couple close to moving up to directors right now!

Deb R., Sherry W., Colleen, and Lucy A. are soon teaching their first Certs as well.

I started a special group of the Dewberry U called the Associate degree for those who are certified in each course, who go far beyond what is required to be there for me and those who attend all our events. Thank you to you both Connie W. and Karen B. you both rock..... We would love more of you to join these great ladies. Dewberry U has a group of special people who work on sharing their thoughts on growing our future at  Dewberry U - Our Board of Directors!!!  Love you guys for all your work and you can look at my Blog archives and check them out from years past.

Well as you can see many are working hard to spread One Stroke and wOils all around the U.S. and other countries. It's exciting to have certified more than 10,000 instructors in the world. And for the first time in many years we are in a position with the economy as it is to share our painting and making more money than before because we now have a better avenue to be more important to our students. We are the only main distributors for our product.  I would really like for us to supply and have the knowledge to help those who want to learn and be educated by you.  Dewberry U is our education program which Marc, Kim Barone and I are working hard to bring to you, especially through Skill Builders.  We will change the future of education in our business and I promise it will change yours if you are certifying or teaching around the world.  We will have a standard for our education that we'll keep growing. I am now working on online training by a company who writes curriculum for online college lessons. Soon we hope to have the Elite program online. We are feeling so good about growing a greater education program for the future and for each of you to turn your business into what you want it be. Even if what you want is building your skills.

I am excited for the Next Step for 2013, the first Dewberry U Art Center to open in Clermont, Florida.... Lots of work to make this happen and as we grow we will share with you, step by step.  Marc and I shared with you this was our dream if you ever came to a event with us - and we're on our way!  This is for all of our futures in the OS world.  Thank you for always being there and your support.  This has come with much prayer and many planning meetings. 

And lots more to come but remember:

 Dream IT
Believe IT
   Do IT

Marc says I am a dreamer and I think I always will be.

Special thanks to all the hosts of my 2012 and coming 2013 Workshops.  I Love who I have met and love building friendships with the host.  The great memories and meeting all your family and loved ones, best of all your students you share with me.

I want to share with you that we will be doing many wonderful new projects at the 2013 Dewberry U Convention.  Just renamed it this year!!!  We will have tours of the Dewberry U Art Center the day before and the day after convention.... well have sign ups coming or just drop by.... would love to know if your coming while were planning give aways with your visit.....

I want for each of you to paint something you never thought you could, each of you.  I also have new plans this year, each evening if you wish to attend we will have business management training for all who want to build classes -- teachers will be Marc, Justin, myself and all the Dewberry's who can help build your business from what it is today to what you would like it to be.

When you sign up we will request you to send us your plan for business future needs of how you would like to build your future.  We will need these in advance to be prepared for each of you.  Lots of fun and new friendships to be made and success to share with each other.  We would also like to have you share portfolios again.  What do you think?

Big special this year, never shared before!  We have so many who ask if they will get certified in anything when they come to convention.  This year I have a special offer from MFW the wOil company and the company who is growing with Dewberry U and offering much new for the future.  We are making an offer to all who are signing up for convention this year.  You can also become certified as a wOil certified instructor (which we really need you out there) at convention this year by painting the first days wOil projects and each of the 3 nights Wed, Thurs, Fri.  This year you can come and paint wOil projects with us which will equal your 5 projects of cert. and your payment for this will be discounted by $300 - you will only pay an extra $200 in addition to your convention fee!  I know times are hard and this makes many more able to be certified while you have already traveled to Florida and are already staying here.  May never do this again but I really wanted to try and see if this is something you guys would like to see happen.   So let us know.  We are excited to have more Certified wOil instructors out there, MFW wants to share more instructors with the retailers who want to sell our product.  If you are already wOil certified, you can also join during the wOil day at convention.  I will have a couple of different colors and options for you to paint at the same time in the lesson, so you will still have a new project to add to your wOil painting classes or certs. You also can get an audit accomplished for certifying Elite level by being at the night events.   You will love the painting knowledge of this wOil cert.  I've learned alot since I certified many of you :)  Sound good???

Marc and I are blessed to share with you, we have seven children and have been blessed more this year.  Last year we had Baby Waylon born to our youngest Anna and husband Weston; Joel and wife Laurie had baby Landon and Kara and Jorge had baby Bella.  This year we will have our 20th grand-baby - our son Justin and wife Angela will have a new baby in September.  Amanda is having a special event this year also?  can't share she has too!!! :)

I hope you don't mind me always sharing our family blessings.  So to each one of you, Happy kick-off for 2013!   Love Donna and Marc and the whole Dewberry Craft staff.  God Bless you all!  I also would like to send our love to some special women this year who have lost there husbands.  So sad for each of you and special prayers from all of us.  We will keep you each in our thoughts.

Go to the Workshops & Events tab in this Blog and you will see all the info about the convention this year... please go get your hotel reserved, we have 10 more rooms added per day today so get your special price while its available!!!!

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