Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dewberry U Educators Who Can Certify You in Your Area!

We want to recognize and congratulate all those below who have worked so hard to become a Dewberry U Educator. Thank you for all your hard work!

Master Elite Directors
April Numamoto, Master Elite Director *Dewberry U Supplier
MarJean Krupp, Master Elite Director
Mark Taylor, Master Elite Director U.K. *Dewberry U Supplier
Kim Barone, Master Elite Director
Marzia Di Somma, Master Elite Director Italy

Certifying Elite Directors

Lea Brumbaugh, Elite Director
Barb Fortier, Elite Director
Carol Craig, Elite Director
Michelle James, Elite Director
Sherry Waldman, Elite Director *Dewberry U Supplier

Certifying Elites
Colleen Ellis, Certifying Elite
JoAnn Hoffmann, Certifying Elite
Deb Rich, Certifying Elite
Cookie Trent, Certifying Elite
Vicki Cole Gray, Certifying Elite
Lucy Aita, Certifying Elite

*In order of date qualified

Go to our Dewberry U Education tab on the Dewberry Crafts website to see when and where they are offering certifications near you.

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