Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Classes at New Dewberry U Art Center in Clermont, FL

On Tuesday, April 23, I held the first two classes at the New Dewberry U Art Center!  It was a very exciting and fun day.  Can you believe I was a little nervous?  Everyone was great and we had a wonderful time.  I would love for you all to come take a class with me.  

All set up and ready for my first students to arrive.

Our displays are set up with new and exciting products.  New bottle tips, wOils and Prima Acrylic paints are shown here.

More product displays - lots of worksheet packs, detailers and my very popular recipe cards

A happy and excited group ready to start painting with me

Busy basecoating their canvases, getting ready to paint hydrangeas

Some wanted blue and some wanted pink hydrangeas.  They all turned our different and beautiful.

Helping to get those highlights just right

All done and everyone is happy and ready to know "what's next?" 

These two sweet ladies stayed for the next class - painting wine glasses.  Our snowbirds wanted to get as many classes in with me before they had to fly back up north.

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