Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plus a Limited Time offer on Extreme Glitter kits!

I'm so excited to share with you that I have a new book coming out ~ published by Viking! It has 13 projects that I painted and then added amazing clay creations using the Studio Home Dimensions Clay! I even amazed myself while creating each project!! The Studio Clay adds that "WOW" factor to any project!! $12.95 a book!


13 Beautiful Painting projects for you to paint~ create & paint them with our without the clay embellishments! If you've never created with clay though ~ I hope this will inspire you to add it to some of your paintings today!


All (10) 2oz. bottles of Extreme Glitter colors
#12 Flat One Stroke Brush
Project Idea Sheet

All for only $29.95
(plus shipping and handling costs)

5oz. bottle of Extreme Glitter for ONLY $5.00 each plus shipping and handling!! Limited supplies on hand!

If you are coming to the RETREAT this month and are ordering any of the items above please send an email to Amanda at as well as me to let us know that you will be picking up your items at the retreat!!

I had such a great week getting some NEW and EXCITING things ready to LAUNCH at the Dewberry Retreat we are having in a couple of weeks. I also had 5 fabulous ladies this week attend Level 2 Certification and I so enjoyed getting to know each of them. Some of them even ended up liking me also He! He!

I'm spending the weekend painting, claying, painting, and claying - PLUS, spending time with some of my grandkids and then church on Sunday and a much needed day of Worship and Rest!

Hope you have a wonderfully "CREATIVE" day! Love,