Monday, November 23, 2009

Crafty Wave Event & Workshop in PA
November 19th ~ Fountain Park Church in Cranberry Township
We painted the Santa Sled (Crafty Wave Kit) and everyone absolutely LOVED it!
Thank you so much Danelle for all your hard work arranging these events in PA for me!! You rock!

My second day in PA we painted at New Stanton United Methodist Church ~ they had this on the sign which was incredibly sweet!
We started the day out with a winter holiday scene, then WaterStrokes and after that a stroke work study in the afternoon.

Lisa Bane (Danelle's sister) Me and Danelle in front of a mural that Lisa and Danelle are working on in one of the kids rooms at the church.

Kelly, Tammy, Me, Danelle, and Pam

Me with Kelly and Pam

We also had a class at JoAnns in Cranberry Township which was a lot of fun. We were in the stockroom and it was quite entertaining listening to the ding dong of the stock room door bell ring everytime one of the workers came in and out.

Johanne, Sandy, Gerry, Judy and I snacking on some of the goodies that were made ~ Betty made these wonderful carmelized puff treats that were so yummy and a huge

During lunch I did a 30 minute book
signing at JoAnns
Sandy was first in line!

Me with JoAnn's District Manager
Steve Hirsch and Kathy the JoAnns store manager.

Everyone with their finished poinsettia painting!

Me & Danelle
She is one organized lady let me tell you!!
She is one of our Crafty Wave Team Leaders and is an OSCI, Level 2 Certified and a Studio Home Dimensions Certified Instructor. She is incredibly talented and super sweet!

Robin sent me this picture from the TN workshop and I wanted to share it with you all.Thanks Robin for sending this photo from the Monterrey, TN workshop.
Pictured left to right are:Daphney, Tammy, ME and Robin

I've been painting some really fun and exiting NEW projects that will be coming out very soon!! Make sure to keep watching the Dewberry Crafts Website and Crafty Wave Website for new products and promotions/sales going on!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
Love, Donna