Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wanted to tell you about our Specials going on over at Crafty Wave
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All of the seasonal kits are limited so make sure you get one over and check them out before they are gone!
I had such a fabulous response to Crafty Wave from a sweet lady at the Monterey, TN workshops and Crafty Wave event. Like many of you out there she was skeptical and thought I've ordered kits before and want no part of it. She came to the CW event and afterward told me how incredible she thought it was and how much she enjoyed it and wanted to do more!
So, I want you to think about a couple of things ~

1. If you teach painting classes and are looking for NEW, FRESH, & FUN projects for your classes where you'll get everything already done in the project packet (PLUS, most kits come with two design options) for you then Crafty Wave is your answer!! You can either have your students pre-pay for the class and order all of their kits before the class so that you know everyone will have a kit. OR you can have your students go to Crafty Wave and sign up and order the kits themselves. My top teachers usually order all of the kits for their students because it saves their students $ on shipping and having had all their students pre-pay ensures they will show up for class!

2. You don't have to have a retail outlet to teach in. I've done several Crafty Wave classe in peoples homes - in their kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms and on some occassions all three at the same time! That sure was fun! If you have a kitchen table and chairs you can teach a Crafty Wave class!

3. GIFTS ~ these kits make perfect presents! Paint some of the kits and give them to your family and friends this holiday season! The CWW106 collection comes with 4 different seasonal wooden cutouts that can be painted on both sides with different designs and can be displayed throughout the year. There is a limited time offer on this collection so hop on over to Crafty Wave and order before you miss out.

Here are a few snapshots from the workshops I just did in Monterey, TN. Thanks Connie for inviting me to TN to share my passion for painting with all those fabulous people!

I still have cruise photos to share with you plus more photos from TN and will share those with you soon! Now, go on over to Crafty Wave and check out the specials!!