Monday, March 5, 2012

Vegas Painting Convention! Lots of fun !

I had so much fun, filming for Interactive Artist magazine, Dawn producer of this great Magazine filmed a lot of my friends this time. April N. , Sandy M, Lori S., Julie M. and my brother at the end of the post with his chain saw bear, you need to watch for each of them as they are published this year... and OH forgot me!!!

vegas 043Deanna & Me. We love seeing each other after a year!!! Thanks honey for painting with me again.

vegas 038Stan , Susan S and Ross S love you guys! Always inspiring me from the beginning - my friends.

vegas 028Dawn and me after filming!

vegas 048Linda editor of Paintworks and Brett C. who published my New Big Book!

motherandsonMother and son, loved that they shared the painting with me.

vegas 053OSCI's coming to paint with me!! Yeah Girls! And ordering your Elite manual Sandy, YEA!

vegas 046Brett, thanks for a great book and having faith in me!!!

vegas 057Tattoo artist and new Daddy!

vegas 071Carol C. and her sweet hubby, he is a doctor but still wears the One Stroke tee shirt to support his sweet wife. My great Canadian friends...

vegas 078Ami my sister-in-law painting with me on her birthday. Loved seeing her paint... Look even a beginner can do a great job with wOils!

vegas 079Young painters and old friends, not old in age, but old friends

vegas 055Love painting these great Hydrangeas with everyone. How about you guys! We paint ever year and can't wait till next year, honey.

vegas 081My brother Jerry and I filming for Dawn's IAM. Be watching for us.... you will love what Jerry did in the filming. We had a crowd.

vegas 084

vegas 088

vegas 090

vegas 080

I was so excited to be showing my wOil certification and wOil Product line... Thanks for painting with me at the Make-it-and-Take-its. I taught lessons all day, many Hydrangea paintings were walking around the show.
(Mrs Barb F. was in Vegas, have to find photo though.)

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Grace | labor posters said...

You are a happy and amazing artist Donna, and I envy you for that. Your so lucky to have these people who supports you.